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When you decide to take that leap and start your own business you need to make substantial preparations in order make sure that it is not a leap into the unknown. Failure to plan often means you’re planning to fail.

As well as actually carrying out your chosen profession or trade there are many crucial decisions to be made.

• Should I operate as a sole trader, partnership or limited company? Which is the most tax efficient for me?
• How do I deal with the tax office?
• What taxes will I have to pay?
• What accounting records do I need to keep?
• What legislation and regulations apply to me and how do I make sure that I comply with them?

TML take the worry and work for all of this away from you.

We will guide you from the beginning looking at your specific circumstances and advising you on the best way to operate.

Our services will include any or all of the following:-

• Forming a company for you, if this is your best option.
• Advising you on VAT registration and dealing with this on your behalf.
• Designing accounting systems specifically for your business needs.
• Advice on the best computing hardware and software for you to work with.
• Acting as your agent with the tax office, dealing with all their forms and correspondence on your behalf.
• Setting up a PAYE scheme, if appropriate, for you and advising you how to deal with it or alternatively dealing with it on your behalf.
• Dealing with all documents and forms required by Companies House.
• Preparing business plans and cash flow forecasts to raise finance and to help you to prepare for the future.
• Preparing accounts on a regular basis and explaining everything you need to know.
• Advising you how to increase profitability and cash flow.
• Tax planning specifically for your business from day one to make sure you pay the minimum amount of tax - legally!
• Completion of all your tax returns.


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